Climbing AF Canyon


When it comes to rock climbing, Utah has tons to offer. One of my favorite places to climb is up American Fork Canyon. There are plenty of crags up AF Canyon, with routes for climbers on all skill levels. Recently, I have especially enjoyed climbing at Hard Rock. Hard Rock is an awesome area, with a large variety of grades, ranging from a 5.6 to 5.12b.

To get to Hard Rock, drive about 2 miles up the canyon (there is a $3 fee to get into the canyon, but it’s free if you have the America the Beautiful annual pass). I look for mile marker 112 and there is a little spot to park just on the side of the road right next to the mile marker (on the right side of the road). The trail to the crag starts 10 – 20 yards back down the road on the opposite side from where you park. Halfway up there is a fork in the trail – stick to the left. Getting up to the crag only takes about 5 minutes.

When you get up to the wall, you’ll see some easier climbs on the wall to the left and some more difficult ones on the right. Don’t forget to check out all the climbs that wrap around the cliff to the right!





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