Camping Hammocks


Today I want to let you know about one of the greatest inventions known to man – the camping hammock. In my humble opinion (and I’m never wrong), the best way to sleep while camping is in a hammock. It is simply the most comfortable way to go.

Now, before you go buy a hammock and head up into the wilderness in -5 degree weather, let me explain a few things. A camping hammock is best during the summer. It’s comfortable, but it’s not the warmest way to sleep because you don’t have anything beneath you. So you’ll want to make sure it’s decent weather if you’re planning on using one.

When first using a camping hammock, I was concerned that the arch in the hammock would hurt my back, but found that if the hammock is pulled tight, it really isn’t an issue. Another added plus is that it keeps you off the ground from all of the spiders – and spiders are cool, but nobody wants to sleep with spiders.

My favorite hammock is the single parachute hammock by Grand Trunk. It’s compactable, light, and durable. It is not the cheapest hammock (retails for $54.99) but it’s reliable and will keep you hanging for many years. Grand Trunk does offer a cheaper hammock, but it only holds up to 200 pounds, when the single parachute hammock holds up to 400 pounds. Grand Trunk also offers a variety of other hammocks which can be seen on their website –

Happy Hammock-ing!

Hammock-ing tip: If trees are scarce, don’t be afraid to “bunk up.” Setting up hammocks bunk bed style can help if you have way more people than trees. When I went camping in Havasupai this summer, we got eight hammocks up using only four trees!

Note: I am in no way saying that “bunk bed hammock-ing” is safe… But boy is it fun!



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