The Blank Slate – Review

A couple of months ago I was looking for a good training board for rock climbing and found most of the top-rated training boards need to be screwed into the wall. That’s when I had a brilliant idea. Have you ever seen the pull up bars that mount in your door frame in seconds and can just as easily be removed? Well I was going to invent a training board that works off the same concept, so you can easily mount it in a door frame without putting holes in the wall! And I was going to become a millionaire… until I found out that it has already been invented and patented. Dang!


Well needless to say, I bought The Blank Slate and it is exactly what I had dreamed up. It is simple to put together, sturdy, accommodates any bolt-in holds or training boards you prefer, and best of all, doesn’t put gaping holes in your wall. The only downside is that at $129 (and that doesn’t include the holds or training board)  it is quite pricey! I haven’t found anything similar though. Other than the price, I have no complaints about The Blank Slate!


If you don’t need all of that board space, you can also buy The Blank Slate Slim, which is $99. You can find both of these products, as well as different training boards and climbing holds by the same company at



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