San Felipe, Mexico

Every year in October, my family packs up in a motorhome and drives 18 hours down to San Felipe, Mexico. This is one of our favorite destinations. San Felipe is a small fishing town (though it is growing) on the coast of the Sea of Cortez.


The Playa Del Sol, the campground we stay at, almost feels like a second home now. Playa Del Sol is right on the beach and you would be amazed by how few people are there. The beach is gorgeous, and it isn’t rare to find we are the only ones on several miles of coastline. One of my favorite things about the beach in San Felipe is how far the tide goes out. During a new and full moon the tide will go out several hundred yards, leaving pools ripe for exploring and finding sea creatures. We always seem to find something cool.

In my mind, San Felipe is the ultimate non-luxury beach vacation. My wife was at first surprised by how… little we do there. Basically our days consist of watching the sunrise/sunset, reading, playing volleyball, eating fish tacos, laying in a hammock, four wheeling, napping, and playing more volleyball.

Everyone needs a do-nothing vacation.









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